“Embark on a transformative journey with Breathe Easy India! Join us, the Breathe Easy Foundation, in our mission to empower change breath by breath, step by step. As dedicated volunteers, you can play a crucial role in transforming lives and fostering a healthier future for all. Come be a part of our impactful initiatives – your support is the breath that propels change. Let’s create a healthier India together!”

Breathe Easy Buddy

“Calling all psychology students with a passion for making a difference! Join Project Starlight as a Breathe Easy Buddy – a play advocates dedicated to fostering the emotional and cognitive development of hospitalized children. Our mission is to illuminate pediatric wards with joy., creating environments of growth and healing. With your expertise and compassion, let’s turn hospital stays into moments of joy and empowerment. Become a Breathe Easy Buddy and be a beacon of support in the lives of these resilient young souls!”