Project Star Light

“Project Starlight is a compassionate initiative illuminating the pediatric wards of hospitals. Our mission is twofold: fostering the emotional and cognitive development of hospitalized children and enhancing their environment through improved sanitation and hygiene. Committed to brightening young lives, we tirelessly fundraise to ensure every child receives the care they deserve, turning hospital stays into opportunities for growth and healing.”

Rationale: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has a right to play and a right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them. They have a right to have their views considered and taken seriously and a right to the best possible health. And the Starlight Project’s expansion into India is well-founded in its potential to positively impact child development and their rights while aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3) on Good Health and Well-being. The Starlight Project advocates for child-centered healthcare that considers not only physical health but also emotional and psychological well-being. By emphasizing the importance of happiness and emotional support in healthcare, the project advances a child-centric approach that aligns with the principles of child development.

The project advocates for a child-centered healthcare approach that takes into account not only the physical but also the emotional and psychological well-being of the child. This aligns with the principles of child development, which emphasize holistic growth and well-being.