Our Story

The story of BreatheEasy India began with our heartfelt passion for clean energy and healthcare, rooted in the understanding that the air we breathe profoundly affects our well-being. Our founders were driven by a commitment to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable communities, who face mounting healthcare challenges from environmental headwinds.  

BreatheEasy India was born out of the belief that the air we breathe is intricately connected to our health, and that countless innocent bystanders, especially those in underserved areas, endure the harsh consequences of poor air quality. These communities find it difficult to access physical, emotional, and educational support in transcending these setbacks.   

Our founders saw how respiratory problems, heart issues, and other health challenges disproportionately impacted children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions. This insight led to the creation of BreatheEasy India, a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing the health and well-being of these marginalized communities by focusing on two essential pillars: clean energy and support for the wellbeing of every individual. 

At BreatheEasy India, we embrace a holistic approach, seeking to address the root causes of health disparities. We embark on projects that aim to not only provide access to clean and sustainable energy but also combat air pollution, while keeping the well-being of countless individuals in mind. Our mission is driven by a deep sense of responsibility to protect the innocent, particularly in resource-constrained settings, who are most affected by the adverse consequences of poor air quality.  

Through initiatives that promote clean energy adoption and enhanced access to 360 degree healthcare, we strive to create a healthier and more equitable future for all, where every breath is a breath of fresh air. 

"Health is by choice not by chance"

–  Aanchal Bhatia Founder Breathe Easy India