Operation Hope

The breath that you just took is a gift.

COPD Awareness Campaigns

Breathe easy India is trying to create a respiratory revolution in India.

Respiratory diseases are invisible and often diagnosed too late. They are also progressive in nature so ultimately lead to death.


COPD is the second leading cause of death in India due to large dependence on biomass fuel for cooking, vehicle pollution and smoking. India has one of the world’s poorest air quality which contributes to Indians having weak and smaller  lungs. There is a lack of awareness around this issue and unfortunately people are not aware that this is a lifestyle related disease and can be prevented Further it is a  progressive disease which means it never goes away and gets worse if timely steps are not taken towards early diagnosis,treatment and pulmonary rehabilitation.

There are a limited number of social or Government organisations focused on these respiratory issues although evidence points to the need for intervention at a national level.

Breathe Easy India exists to empower and educate all citizens on the subject of lung and pulmonary health. We do this by holding health camps in villages and slums and we educate and empower women not to cook on open fires. Doctors explain to the uneducated societies the harmful effects of smoke and demystify their beliefs. We also play games with children to empower them to stay away from smoke while the food is being cooked as their lungs are small and still developing.