Remembering Neha Mehandiratta: Our Breathe Easy Star and a Beacon of Inspiration

18-year-old Neha Mehandiratta spent her time indoors, often seated by her window, observing the activities of her peers outside. Unlike them, Neha was unable to join in their games and outdoor fun. This was a regular aspect of her life, as she coped with a severe respiratory syndrome. This condition greatly restricted her physical activities and necessitated constant reliance on external oxygen support. The contrast between Neha’s situation and the carefree play of her friends outside underscored the daily challenges and limitations imposed by her health condition.

Neha, a vibrant soul, grappled with a severe respiratory syndrome, a condition that tethered her to an external oxygen supply every hour of the day. For Neha, even the simple act of speaking was a monumental task. Yet, in the face of such adversity, her determination remained unshakeable.

Her journey through life, albeit brief, was marked by an extraordinary display of willpower and resilience. Battling her health issues, Neha undertook the challenge of the CBSE Class XII Board Examinations. Despite being able to answer only a portion of the questions due to her respiratory struggles, she emerged victorious, securing a respectable score of 50.26 per cent. This achievement wasn’t just a testament to her academic abilities but a bold statement of her indomitable spirit.

Neha’s story is not just about her struggles but also about the community that rallied around her. Breathe Easy, an NGO supported by Uttam Group, stepped in to provide Neha and her family with much-needed relief. Understanding the hardships faced by Neha and her father, Rajkumar, a hardworking auto-rickshaw driver, Breathe Easy offered them free lifelong support. This generous gesture included state-of-the-art Oxygen kits and a commitment to replace the obsolete and hazardous steel cylinders that had once restricted Neha’s life.

The intervention by Breathe Easy is a shining example of how empathy and corporate responsibility can bring about tangible changes in people’s lives. The organization’s dedication to replacing outdated and dangerous medical equipment with modern, lightweight aluminium cylinders is commendable. These efforts not only enhance the quality of life for patients like Neha but also educate and sensitize the medical fraternity about the need for safe and user-friendly medical equipment.

Neha’s life may have been cut short, but her legacy endures through the ongoing work of Breathe Easy and its partners. The organization, spearheaded by Aanchal Bhatia, who also suffered from COPD, continues to champion the cause of patients suffering from respiratory ailments. Their mission is to liberate these individuals from the shackles of inadequate medical infrastructure, and in doing so, honor the memory of Neha and many others like her.

In Neha’s story, we find more than just a narrative of struggle; we discover a source of inspiration. Her life reminds us of the power of human will, the importance of community support, and the transformative impact of corporate social responsibility. As we remember Neha Mehandiratta, our Breathe Easy star, we are reminded of the enduring strength of the human spirit and the capacity for hope to thrive even in the most challenging circumstances.